Tititea Steakhouse Meats


Only the best Angus and Hereford cattle are hand-selected to be grain-finished under wide Wakanui skies. Wakanui beef is raised free from hormone growth promotants. It's then aged for 21 days for maximum tenderness.

Grain-finished beef is succulent and tender and simply melts in the mouth. It comes from hand-selected cattle, raised for 18 months on nutritionally rich pastures, before enjoying a high quality GMO-free grain diet in a stress-free coastal feedlot.

This combination of free-range grass grazing and grain-finishing ensures you get a truly exquisite eating experience.


Te Mana Lamb

Te Mana’s fine intramuscular micro-marbling (much like Wagyu) has never been seen before in lamb. And it comes with a signature milder taste, exceptional texture and tenderness, and versatility on the plate. It is – quite simply – a game-changing experience for chefs and diners alike.


Te Mana lambs are born and raised in the New Zealand hill and high country. Through rigorous standards and meticulous processes, Lumina lamb is 100% natural, free range, grass-fed and finished on specially cultivated chicory herb pastures. The meat itself is finely marbled and enriched with high levels of naturally occurring Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. It’s characterised by a mild aroma, light pink to pale red colour, and a tantalising, lighter-bodied texture.


Savannah Ribeye

Pure New Zealand 100% Grassfed Beef, the Ribeye is the scotch on the bone. A sensational steakhouse cut.


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